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Costco members who saved reported an average of $592.16 in savings the first year they switched their auto insurance.2

Exclusive discount on Ameriprise Insurance for Costco members3

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Exclusive value on auto and home insurance

For nearly two decades, Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance1 has been providing Costco members auto, home and umbrella insurance. More than 400,000 Costco members are insured. As a Costco member, you could save an average of $592.16 in the first year on auto insurance when you switch to Ameriprise.

Get more mileage out of your Costco membership:
  • Exclusive discount just for being a Costco member3
  • Additional discounts available for safe driving, insuring multiple vehicles, having multiple policies and more
  • Executive Member benefits available4
      - Auto: Roadside Assistance and Lifetime Renewability
      - Home: Glass Breakage and Lockout Assistance
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