Canned Goods

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Canned and packaged foods typically take up a large part of your pantry, and for good reason! These handy food items are a staple in your family’s diet, and their long shelf life ensures that you’ll always have food no matter what happens. At Costco, you’ll find great deals on canned and packaged foods, including wild Alaskan salmon, sardines, diced tomatoes, fruit cups, an array of delicious soups and vegetables, and much more! Whether it’s for creating quick and easy meals, or stocking up for emergencies, canned and packaged foods are a must-have for any household. Shop in stores or online at, and enjoy low wholesale prices throughout grocery, Bon apetit!

You can now enjoy the convenience of having groceries delivered directly to your doorstep, with two new delivery options from Costco. You can choose a 2-day delivery service with CostcoGrocery, or a same-day delivery service with Costco powered by Instacart. Checkout our FAQ page to learn more about the Costco Grocery Delivery Program.

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