Emergency Kits & Power Inverters

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Bad luck can strike at any time. One minute you’re cruising down the road, and the next, you’re pulling off to the shoulder, cursing a flat tire or a dead battery. If only you’d taken that old Boy Scout motto to heart: Be prepared!

Don’t let yourself get stranded without a plan. Be proactive, and equip your vehicle with Costco’s unbeatable emergency kits. Costco.com has emergency kit items to serve a variety of needs, from making you more visible to other drivers, to giving you a jump. Should you ever need a tow, Costco offers kits with all the tools required to get both you and the other driver home safely. Finally, don’t forget Costco’s selection of first aid kits, including dry food and emergency trauma supplies. Next time bad luck strikes, you’ll have everything you need!

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