Hives & Coops

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Imagine waking up in the morning and enjoying fresh flavorful eggs gathered from your own chicken coup? There’s nothing more delicious! And because you have complete quality control, you can feel good about serving the eggs to your family. But coups aren’t just for chickens; they make great homes for rabbits too! Fluffy and adorable, rabbits are full of personality, and will bring joy to every member of the family. Interested in keeping bees? Having a backyard beehive is a fun and educational experience, and best of all, you get to harvest pure fresh honey! Of course, if you’re planning on keeping bees, chickens, or any other small creatures that need a roof over their heads, you’ll want to invest in a proper hive or coop. Costco offers a great selection of hives and coops that make backyard farming easy and enjoyable. Choose from a variety of high-quality structures, all available at wholesale pricing. Be sure to check out all of Costco’s other pet food & supplies, available at!  

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