Induction, Gas and Electric Cooktops

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When you’re in the process of building or remodeling a kitchen, every detail, down to the last drawer knob, is significant. But while cabinet colors might be important aesthetically, other parts of your kitchen serve a greater purpose. Take cooktops, for instance. Sure, they might not be the prettiest part of the kitchen, but the cooktop you choose will be part of every meal you serve for years to come. It’s where you’ll make your Thanksgiving stuffing or the homemade frosting for your son’s birthday cake. When you think about it that way, your cooktop isn’t just an appliance — it’s an ingredient for making memories.

Whether you’re in the market for a gas or electric cooktop, Costco has the model you need. At, you’ll find cooktops with four burners or more in a variety of arrangements, all in top-name brands.

Shopping for a couple wall ovens to make your perfect kitchen complete? has those too! No matter what you’re shopping for, rest assured that you’re always getting incredible quality at wholesale prices!

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