Trailer Tires

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Regardless of the cargo you’re towing, be it a boat, a trailer full of ATVs, or a small camper, you want your trailer tires to be up to the task. Costco offers superior-quality trailer tires to fit a variety of budgets and needs. Best of all, our tires are safe. Great tread designs work to stabilize the tires, ensuring less sway and fishtailing on the road. And, thanks to the heat-dissipation capabilities of our tires, high temperatures will never be a problem. Best of all, many of our trailer tires come with a 4+ year warranty to cover any unusual wear or tear.

Costco carries a variety of trailer tire sizes. Check out our most popular, including 205/75r14, 205/75r16, and 205/75r15 trailer tires. And don’t forget to check the tires on that ATV you’re towing. If they’re looking a little worse for wear, shop our ATV tires, right here at

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