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There’s nothing like a streak-free shine across the surface of your favorite car or boat. But car washes are notorious for scratching paint, and rarely do they get those hard-to-reach spots totally clean. In fact, achieving that spotless clean can be more trouble than it’s worth. Not any longer! Costco carries a wide variety of wash and wax products to satisfy any need. Check out Costco.com’s selection of de-ionizing water systems, care kits, and microfiber towels — all at impressive wholesale prices. Take our de-ionizing spotless water system. You’ll never have to hand-dry your car or motorcycle ever again. Best of all, this item, as with all our wash and wax products, is as effective as it is convenient.

Past customers have also suggested picking up a Costco utility cart. That way, you’re able to move your wash and wax items around with you. Whether your car is just off the lot or a refurbished classic, Costco.com has everything you need to give your ride that lustrous shine it deserves. So what are you waiting for? Come on in, or shop online today!

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