Automotive Lighting

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From multi-color LED extension strips to LED light bars and spot beams, the right automotive lighting should be both functional and impressive. Take Costco’s LED light bars, for instance. Capable of reaching distances of over 1,000 feet, you might have to put your sunglasses on when you power up these babies! But why reserve LEDs for only special occasions? Take automotive lighting to the streets with DRL headlights. You’ll love the cool blue light cast by these headlights, and best of all, they’re as stylish as they are useful. You can find all kinds of automotive lighting on, with lighting designs to fit every budget and wish list.

And speaking of wish lists, has a wide range of accessories for your vehicle. Check out our selection of wheels, seat covers, and more! From back roads to city streets, Costco has what you need to make your drive a success.

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