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If you spend a large portion of your time in the kitchen, creating amazing entrees or whipping up delicious cakes and brownies, you’ll find plenty to love in Costco’s cooking and baking section. Enjoy great deals on a variety of ingredients—everything from aged balsamic vinegar to allergen-free bread mixes. Shop our immense selection of seasonings and flours, and find great deals on bulk and specialty items. Narrow your search by brand, dietary features, number of servings, and more! Costco’s cooking and baking options are sure to bring incredible flavors and textures to your table. Check out all of Costco’s grocery items, from fresh & frozen foods to canned & packaged foods, all available at wholesale prices.

Need to bake cookies tonight, and don’t have any flour? No problem. You can now enjoy the convenience of having groceries delivered directly to your doorstep, with two new delivery options from Costco. You can choose a 2-day delivery service with CostcoGrocery, or a same-day delivery service with Costco powered by Instacart. Checkout our FAQ page to learn more about the Costco Grocery Delivery Program.

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